How Surfer Dudes and Girls Make the Most of Their GoPro Manual

How Surfer Dudes and Girls Make the Most of Their GoPro Manual

Have you been wondering how surfer dudes like Dusty Payne gets it right to shoot the perfect surfing video or how Kalani Robb explicit footage got captured? All credit goes to GoPro. The secret of their shooting success lies in getting their GoPro Settings right.


Most of the surfer guys we know use the GoPro Manual by ProjectGoPro for video over stills. What makes it so attractive is that once you grab a frame from your 1080p video, you can easily use it to add a quick snap to Facebook or get it printed out in smaller sizes. Besides, a video is way more forgiving in that it let you play around with a variety of footage in low light, which is surfer dudes love anything GoPro.

What do You need to Consider When Playing Around with Your GoPro Settings?

One thing that stands you in good stead whenever you are about to shoot a video using GoPro is to remember that frame rate and resolution are the two most important elements to consider. The fact of the matter is that the bigger your resolution, the better your chances of securing an incredible final image look that you can easily zoom into without the HD quality.


Higher frame rates, on the other hand, allow one to slow the footage down so you can experience smoother slow-motion playbacks, which in turn affords you more choice concerning frame grabs. Take the double barrel shot of Dusty Payne. The right settings and frame rates make this type of video footage possible.


For high-quality surfer videos, the best GoPro Settings would depend on which GoPro brand you were blessed with. The GoPro Hero, the Hero 4 Silver, and the Hero4 Black seem to be the favorites.  


Here are some guidelines as to the best video settings for the three top GoPro cameras:


  • gopro Hero – Maximum resolution: 1080p, 30fps and no Protune
  • Hero 4 Silver – Maximum resolution: 4K, 15fps – Frame rate of 60fps at 1080p & Protune
  • Hero 4 Black – Maximum resolution: 4K, 30fps – Frame rate of 120fps at 1080p & Protune

Be aware of the wide angle of the GoPro’s fisheye lens, meaning you’ve got to be closer to the surfing action when capturing your video footage. No worries here as a surfer boy or girl would simply mount their GoPro to their boards or SUPs. Some would even use an FCS male plug to mount their camera through using an FCS center fin socket.

When it is Advisable Opting for a High-Resolution GoPro Camera

Note that it’s best to make use of a higher end model if you are going to film someone else’s surfing as was the case with Kalani Robb. There are numerous benefits attached to doing so such as the ability to zoom into the image you captured after you filmed your video. Heck, you’ll even have enough resolution left to play it back at full HD quality on your computer or TV.


Then there is also the option of capturing footage in a narrower FOV (Field of View), which is very handy when shooting video from a channel where it is not possible to get too close to the action.

Slowing Down Your Footage

Just imagine being given the opportunity to slow down your footage for free without any additional equipment that is often expensive to come by or hard to learn how to use it.


Luckily the intuitive editing software provided by particular GoPro models, enable users to come up with some cool editing moves. In this regard, it is worth considering the GoPro 4 Black edition as it offers you a full 1080p HD at 120 frames per second. This is ideal if you plan to grab a lot of stills, or you will be analyzing your footage in detail.

Additional Tips for Shooting Surfing Video

Surfer guys and girls are always on the lookout for some top tips to assist them in using their GoPro in the water. Here are a couple of handy tips:


Ensure the waterproof housing on your GoPro is clean and tight fitting. You do not want to flood your camera in any way.


Select the right mount for what you want to do. There are a variety of mounts available that focuses on different angles.


Be sure to angle your GoPro properly before you head off into the waves. There is nothing worse than being saddled with a couple of shoddy images


Keep light composition in mind when heading out for a surf. There is no point in pointing your GoPro directly at the sun.


For more hints and tips on GoPro, you are encouraged to download your gopro manual




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