Testing and Evaluation Some of the Best Muzzle Brakes

Testing and Evaluation Some of the Best Muzzle Brakes

In this situation, the brake will be installed on a Remington 700 AAC-SD that has been customized into a 243 Winchester. The barrel itself is 26-inches long and has OPS brand muzzle brake installed. What a heavy, yet lengthy combination. Something ought to be done about the weight and length.

For the installation, we will cut, crown, and thread the brake. The installation process is a lot simpler if your barrel is already threaded or you had it send to a Smith.

The Installation Process

We decided to cut as well as crown the barrel to a 24-inch before installing the JEC Customs brake. The shorter barrel and brake combination would give a much-needed length reduction that comes close to 3-inches and a decrease in weight.

To install the brake, we mounted the barrel through the headstock of the lathe, then dialed it in. Those of you who are curious about gunsmithing, may want to follow the basic outline regarding the right tools to be used below:

  • The tools being used to perform the job include; a ⅜-inch high-speed steel turning kit, ½-inch threader, a high-speed 35-degree steel profile kit, and a Starrett Dial Indicator.

The information given over here are provided for informational purposes and should be carried out by a competent mounting company or gunsmith only. It is for good reason that we say this as the safety of the reader who attempts to try out the instructions given is our primary concern.

Testing and Evaluating the Muzzle Brake Fitted

The brake that was installed blended in very well with the barrel. It so happens that if you cut a heavy contour barrel at 24-inches and thread it, the diameter of the barrel as well as the brake would be the same. Now, where was the planning in all of this?

We loved the relief chamber that got fitted on the rear edge of the brake as it offers a clean look with regards to the installation and it reliefs what we would perceive to be a sharp edge used for installation purposes where the diameter of the barrel and the brake aren’t the same.

The weather condition during the evaluation process was brutal as it was only 23 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing with some vicious crosswinds of 20 MPH. However, the test was underway, and we wanted to see how well the muzzle brake would perform.

On firing the rifle that was used for the test, we noticed the brake did not perform all that bad. It was impressive that it seemed to hold a solid position where the reticle stayed within an inch or two of the target dot within 100 yards during recoil. Now, remember that this is a 243 bullet Having said that, the brake did mitigate muzzle flip and recoil a lot better than the OPS brand we had fitted on it that sported a 2-inch long barrel.

In another test, We were shooting with the same rifle, but this time, we used a short 308 barrel and a Badger muzzle brake, which kicked up snow everywhere while the escaping gasses were knocking snow off of the tin roof that was supposed to cover the firing line.

best muzzle brake for ar15

Overall, we must stay that the brake we tested did a fantastic job at reducing the recoil and muzzle flip. The rifle we used recoiled in a similar fashion to the heavier barreled 223. No doubt, it was super impressive as the brake is not only shorter but also has a lower profile than other designs.

Even though we regard the brake we used to be among the best we’ve seen so far for a bolt action rifle, and we have tried and tested plenty of these, we must admit that the triple port muzzle brake that’s designed by madhousedesign.com seem to be a cut above the rest. It sure has a reputation among many riflemen to exceed their expectations. The moment you shoot your rifle, the way the brake functions brings a smile of approval on your face. It works great! This is particularly the case where fast and accurate shooting is required. The triple port brake certainly does not disappoint anyone as it takes your performance to the next level.


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